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28 September 2008

In The Bathroom

First, if often confuses me whether I should use the word "restroom" or "bathroom". I grew up calling any room with a toilet a bathroom, however, I don't bathe in every room that has a toilet. People call them restrooms, which makes sense, but I don't always rest in them. Sometimes I'm in a hurry, but I don't want to call it a hurryroom, because sometimes you NEED to take your time and get away.

Sometimes at work, I go to the bathroom (see, did it again) to check my voicemail and text messages. I still use it, but I use it to catch up on the outside world as well.

Anyway. Currently I am sitting at a coffee shop in Lincoln Park in Chicago waiting to go to church. Doing hoemwork, drinking coffee, you know, the usual. So I decided to go to the bathroom, because I had to. On the wall in the bathroom, up near the ceiling, the words, "to be continued..." are painted.

How discouraging. To be continued? You mean I'm not done yet? I'll have to make a return visit? What if I don't have time?

I like to think that when I am finished, I am finished- any subsequent trip is a new journey all together.

Guess not.

17 September 2008

At work...

there is a manager trainee for a Caribou in Wisconsin. I would like to introduce you to her, but since she is not on my blog, i decided to post a video that I feel represents pretty closely who she is...

08 September 2008

Exotic Pets

"if you find little skunk babies you can take their smell sacks out and make them pets."
-Krista Bradt

Size Matters (and related advice)

I realize that you can read the title of this post two different ways. one being, "size matters," and the other being, "size-matters". But i guess if i meant this the second way, I would have typed it that way.

That had nothing to do about the post that is to follow.

IN the world today, everything comes in sizes, and we often hear the term, or response, "size matters." But, does it really? Does size really matter, and who is to decide if it does. Well, I must tell you that I am in a position to discuss the matters of size for one reason that, in my opinion, makes what i have to say very important for you to hear. the reason? I am a barista.

Now, I have discussed the matters of size with various different people that i interact with on a day to day basis, and we have all come to the conclusion that yes, size does in fact matter.

"What are you referring to?" You may ask. Well, I am referring to your drink of choice when you enter some of the finer coffee establishments in America. Or, if you happen to enter a starbucks.

To tell the truth, the post cannot, and will no be only about size. I am going to include some other things that you need to know in order to not make a barista frustrated with you, so that you can confidently enjoy your cup of coffee, or coffee based beverage, knowing that it was lovingly made.

1. Size: Know the size of the drink you want before you rattle off all of the modifications that you want to it. We cannot make your iced, decaf, 3 pump sugar-free-hazelnut latte, with 2 raw sugars thrown in without first knowing the size of the drink we are making. And almost nothing is more frustrating then hearing your entire drink order, asking you what size and having you make a confused face, in essence saying, "size? what do you mean? Can you not put my drink into any size?" Well, yes we can, but you should probably tell us so that we could properly ring you up.
2. If you go into a non-starbucks coffee shop, you do not need to refer to starbucks as our "competition," or "the other place," or "the s-one." We are not going to get angry that you go in there on occasion. Heck, as I type this I am sitting outside of a starbucks (and I work at caribou). Nobody will fire me for doing this. Its just another place to go. When I take the back roads to get to places, or when I avoid the highway, I don't roll down my window and apologize to the asphalt for sometimes taking the quicker route. I just don't, that would be weird.
3. When you are paying for your beverage, do not, i repeat, do NOT just put your money on the counter, when we are clearly there waiting for it. Now, I understand if we walk off to make your drink, and you want to just set it down since you don't need any change. But, if i tell you your total, then stand there as you dig through your wallet to pull our some wadded $1 bills, do NOT throw them on the counter. Want me to throw your change down on the counter? Because one day I will.
4. Do not, when your total comes out to $4.04, look in my tip jar for 4 pennies, instead of breaking another dollar. Yes, this has happened to me, and i looked at the lady with a, "you want me to hit you?" look on my face. So she pulled out another dollar.
5. Do not order something with non-fat milk, but still ask for extra whip cream. it's pointless. Simple as that.
6. Don't apologize for standing aside and looking at the menu before you order. Its ok. I'm a typically patient person. I'm not going to get mad because its your first, second, or thirtieth time there and you can't decide what you want. I do the same thing when I am at work and want to have a little sippy-sip behind the counter. We have choices. It's what makes america so great (just kidding about that last part. But why not throw in a little american pride in a blog post on occasion. It will get more people to read what you have to say).

That's all I have right now. I am going to grab a drink, and head back to class. Because not only am I a barista, I am a student. And that, my friends, is sometimes cool?

03 September 2008

Politics and Blogging

It seems that to be a legit blogger at all these days, especially now, in the days of presidential whatnots, you have to have at least a blog or two a week dedicated to politics. I don't even always have two blog posts a month, let alone a week. So to make up for it, I decided to make my very first post for the month of September, in the year 2008 dedicated to politics... particularly that involving presidents.

George Washington (1732-1799), was our country's first president. He remains to be the only president to ever win 100% of the votes from the electoral college. I think this is because he didn't even run against anyone. Did he? I bet he would have been a republican. For more up-to-date coverage, please go Here.

08 August 2008

Conference Glare

Right now I am at a conference at WIllow Creek: the Leadership Summit. This is the biggest conference that Willow holds each year, with it being broadcast to over 50 countries around the world.

Anyway, I am sitting in the second level of the church, the mezzanine,and its so interesting, yet scary to see that the majority of the men sitting in front of me have varying amounts of light reflecting off of their head. Some have none, some blind me with their glare.

Funny how many men in the church have bald heads. I hope I don't get there anytime soon. And, when I do, I plan on just shaving it all the way off. I don't think I can do the horse-shoe-with-an-island, as I have come to call it. You know, where the hair is just on the sides of the head, with a little patch on top. I'm not going to rock that style.

29 July 2008


I recently went home to Texas for a little visit to see family and eat mexican food. While I was home I had the opportunity to do an interview with my pastor/mentor Scott Heare at church about the journey i was on the last year being in chicago. Its a quick little 5 minute or so interview leading into that week's message, about the journey vs. the destination. Well, if any of you want to listen to it, it's posted online. Let me see if i can get the link really quick...

yeah, Here is it. Take a listen, and let me know what you think. I went back and listened to it again last night, and forgot some of the things i said, and how much I needed to remind myself of them, and I felt like taking notes from my own interview.

Wesley Mathias Wilson

QUICK! Go listen to my friend's music by clicking HERE!

My friend Wes has his cd release party tonight in the city, and I have to tell you how pumped I am for this. I just got back a couple days ago from colorado, and we blasted his music in the mountains, and it was so bittersweet. Incredible musician and friend, and he is moving back home to oklahoma in just a few weeks. Seriously, take a listen.

15 July 2008


Just had to make a post completely dedicated to Texas since it is my last day here. You know you want to be here.